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Book Cover Copywriting

Amsterdam Publishers
April 28, 2021

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Book Cover Copywriting | Amsterdam Publishers: Work

Project Background

I was commissioned by Liesbeth Heenk, director and publisher at Amsterdam Publishers, to write the back cover copy for a memoir published in 2021.

One of the main priorities of Amsterdam Publishers, an international publishing house specializing in Holocaust memoirs, is to offer a platform to Holocaust survivors where they can share their stories.

Since 2012, Liesbeth Heenk has been devoting her time towards bringing unheard voices to light - an effort that led Amsterdam Publishers to presently being ranked as the biggest international publisher of Holocaust memoirs in Europe.

Project Brief

Writing the back cover copy for Ronny Hein's biography titled Krisia's Silence: The girl who was not on Schindler's list by shedding light on the author's mother and her story as a Holocaust survivor.

Book Cover Copywriting | Amsterdam Publishers: Projects

The Process

Book Cover Copywriting | Amsterdam Publishers: Projects
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Step 1

The publisher sent me the manuscript while it was still in the editing process. I started reading it and made sure I took notes consistently. I paid close attention to specific keywords and tried to narrow down the book's core message.

Step 2

In order to make sure I write the perfect cover copy, I drafted more than 100 blurbs that were subsequently used as copy for social media. Drawing on these, as well as on feedback from the publisher, I wrote the first draft of the back cover copy.

Step 3

Based on feedback from both the publisher and the author, I made a few tweaks to the copy until all parties were happy with the final result.

Final Results

The book was published in 2021 by Amsterdam Publishers, both as an eBook and in print. You can read my copy below, or have a look at it on the Amsterdam Publishers's website.

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Book Cover Copywriting | Amsterdam Publishers: Portfolio
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