Iulia Ivana


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Iulia is one of those rare copywriters that you can truly enjoy working with time and time again. Not only is she a highly talented writer, but she was also patient and quick to understand my company’s needs, values, and tone of voice. In the two years that we have worked together, she has always delivered excellent work within the given deadline.

Liesbeth Heenk, Director at Amsterdam Publishers


Hi, I'm Iulia

I'm currently pursuing a career in the book publishing industry, working as a Marketing and Publishing Assistant.

I have previously obtained a Cum Laude MA degree in English literature from Utrecht University, and worked in companies such as Elsevier, Amsterdam Publishers, and Brill.

My work has formerly appeared in The Adirondack Review and RevUU Magazine, and my current research explores the intersection between gender and politics in contemporary fiction.

If you want to learn more about me or my work, please feel free to reach out.